HyperVision Research Products



The following software products are currently available:

6800/6811 Emulator
6811IDE is a freeware windows based IDE for Motorola's 6800/6811 processor. Designed for educational purposes, it includes an assembler and an emulator with builtin debugging support such as user breakpoints, execution trace, internal register display and a Hex/Bin/Dec number convertor.

Button and Text Effects Creator. Why create advanced buttons and sophisticated text effects using complex and large generic software packages that require special training to learn how to use? Hypervision's ButtonMaker lets you do all that the big software packages do, but using a simple point and click user interface, that anyone can use without requiring a degree in graphic design. Gradient Texture fills, Bevelling, Embossing, Drop, Inner and Cast Shadows, Pattern Borders, Glow, Transparency and many other effects at your finger tips.